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A Young Woman Decides Her Own Fate In Death With Dignity Inspired "CHOICE: 'Mother'"

"Of particular note is Driscoll -- her performance is note for note perfection. She feels genuine, completely unrehearsed, and she has just enough "off the cuff"-feeling moments in her interview responses that if I didn't know this was a fictional story, I might question whether this was possibly a true story. I hope we get to see a lot more of her because she's quite a talent!"

Nicholas LaSalla
Film Critic, Forest City Film Review

"After a casting session in the snow...We are proud to announce that a multi-talented young powerhouse Kelly Driscoll has stepped in to fill the role of "Cricket", in our upcoming production of "The War Of Art". Every once in a while an actress walks in the room to remind me why I write these roles, and breathes life into what was once just words on paper...this was exactly the case with Kelly. Welcome to the underground Kelly, very happy to have you on board."

Scotty Decker
Writer, Producer "War Of Art"

"Kelly is a beautiful talented actress, she makes strong smart choices and takes direction extremely well, her infectious smile lights up the screen and set. She is a pleasure to have around and a great asset to any production."


Donna McKenna, CSA

‘Choice’: Short Film Tackles Subject of Euthanasia

It’s certainly a subject that cuts close to the family bone. True, the story of Hannah Ryan (Driscoll), a terminally ill young woman who makes national news with the decision to send her own life was inspired by the real-life saga of Brittany Maynard. Needless to say, it’s a difficult part to act. “Especially at the end, when I had to have the grand mal seizure,” says Driscoll (she’s also appearing in such films as “Sam” and “All Mobbed Up”). "I had to do a lot of research. You have to know what your muscles do in that situation. I was terrified of Brittany Maynard’s family seeing the film and saying, “that’s not what happened.” But so far, we’ve received only positive feedback from everyone.

by Jim Beckerman/ THE BERGEN RECORD

(2 page article with pictures available upon request)